Seeds of the Month Club

Seeds of the Month Club….

Spring is right around the corner.  Time to get started gathering and planting those seeds!

But instead of going to the store and purchasing seeds from an unknown origin and questionable success, or going to the nursery and spending an exorbitant amount on seed packets, try Seed of the Month Club.

The seeds they send out in the club are non-gmo, and are marked as such. They do not procure seeds from suppliers that engage in the sales of GMO seeds. The growers are also signers of the Safe Seed Pledge. The bulk of seeds are derived from specific grower-farmers located in the Willamette Valley of Oregon.

The seeds they send are not infertile like some out there. You can save the seeds from the produce grown and use them in subsequent seasons.

I’ve been a member for two year snow and love it.  They send a variety of seeds: mostly vegetable, some herbs, and a few flowers.  I’ve never received duplicates, and they are sent throughout the all seasons.  You’ll get spring, summer, fall, and winter varieties.  All my seeds have sprouted well, and quickly.  No special needs. The seeds you will receive are based on your growing zone

Your Membership Includes:

  • Open pollinated, heirloom varieties
  • 8 packs of seeds your 1st month
  • 4 packs of seeds every month thereafter
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • 25% off vegetable gardening products in our online store
  • Free shipping

The cost really is quite inexpensive.  It comes out to less than a dollar per packet.  And you don’t have to drive anywhere to get them!

6 Months | Comes out to $3.99 per month | Your card will be charged $23.94
1 Year | Comes out to $3.59 per month | Your card will be charged $43.08
2 Years  | Comes out to $3.23 per month | Your card will be charged $77.52

They do ship internationally as well, however the cost is slightly higher.

Visit  their website for details.


After you join, you will get a referral code for their special referral program.


The Seeds of the Month Club special referral program rewards current active members with extended membership lengths for simply referring friends and family to join the club.

We will extend the length of your membership by the same amount of time your referral signs up for. For example, if they sign up for a year, we extend your membership expiration date, by one year.

Your special referral code can be found on the address label of every shipment of your Seeds of the Month Club Envelope. Your special referral code can be found right below your name.

On your envelope your special referral code will be bold so you can easily identify it.

When you send someone to the Seeds of the Month Club sign up page, on the screen where they will enter their payment information, there is a box labeled “Referral Code”. Have them enter your code into that box.

They must enter your code in that box and pay for their membership.
The person registering must be a brand new member.
You can not sign yourself up for a new account.
There is no limit to the number of people you can refer.
You can not combine your referral code with any other offer unless it is specifically marked.

Visit  their website for details.


Seeds of the Month Club


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